I am Ryan S. Kinsgrove


The sword slid free from the stone’s grasp, rasping as it went. 

Arthur looked at what he held, marveling at its beauty. This was a sword unlike any other. It was the sword of a king, without a doubt.


Not even a king could be worthy enough to wield this weapon. This was the sword of God on High. This would be the weapon the archangel Michael would carry in his final battle with Lucifer.

The realization of that struck Arthur with the force of a rolling boulder. He shouldn’t have been able to pull the sword from the stone. There was no way he was worthy enough to even think of holding it.

But here it was. Free of the stone. At home in his hand.

He felt the sword’s power then. The quiet thrum that filled his body, head to toe. He heard the sword whisper in his mind, and he knew he held his destiny. He heard the blade say:


My name is Ryan S. Kinsgrove and I, ladies and gentlemen, am a writer. I’m willing to say that and mean it now. I’ll tell you why here in just a moment. Right now I want to give you a brief synopsis of all that’s happened up to this point.

Kinsgrove isn’t actually my last name. It’s a penname I came up with because I have an extremely boring name. Doing a Google search of my original full name would bring up a list of hundreds of thousands of responses. So, keeping that moniker, as much as I love it, would leave me swimming in a sea of anonymity. Kinsgrove on the other hand, brings up results for a search for Ryan S. Kingsgrove. Meaning, once I get a few keywords in the system, Kinsgrove will start showing at the top of the list. Yay for being unique.

Another fun fact about Kinsgrove, it will put me on bookshelves between Stephen King and Dean Koontz. That might have been intentional.

Furthermore, Kinsgrove is a chance for me to start over.

Life has not been kind, as I’m sure many of you are well aware of. I’ve had nothing but a string of failures trying to get published, trying to stand out in a crowd of millions.

So, the penname made sense.

I became Ryan S. Kinsgrove just a few days ago, and the first thing I did when I said the name is attach an oath to it. Calling myself Ryan S. Kinsgrove means that I am going to take this life seriously. I am going to call myself a writer and by God, I’m going to live up to that. From this point on nothing will stand in my way, there is no question that I will succeed.

I can succeed.

I will succeed.

I will wield this name as if it was the legendary Excalibur.

I will forge a new destiny for myself. I will battle through the blood, sweat, and tears.

I am Ryan S. Kinsgrove, and I have arrived.

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