So, once again I forgot to set the Arkham Rat post to publish this morning. And since I want that to be a series posting on Friday I’ll wait to post it next Friday. What I will do, though, is set it up to post when I get home tonight, that way I don’t have to try to remember to post it.

As for today’s discussion, I believe I’m going to focus on the title subject, and talk about just how forgetful I am. And let me assure you right now, I am very friggin forgetful.

You know the old adage: You’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached. This is very true in my case. 

At work we have key cards to get into the building. I’ve got mine on a lanyard and I hang it over my review mirror. Everyday one of my carpool mates has to remind me to grab it. If he didn’t I wouldn’t remember the thing until I got to the door and found I couldn’t get in.

Another example of my forgetfulness is chores. Getting me to do things at the house is a royal pain in the rear. Just ask my wife. She’ll ask me to do something and I’ll say I will. Then she has to ask me about it again and again and again before I actually get around to doing it. And that’s if she’s not gotten past the point of frustration and did it herself. 

Yet another example is knowing what I have to do while I’m on one room, then walking into another room and having absolutely no idea why I went in there.

You really can’t imagine how incredibly frustrating this is for me. I forget to do things I promised I’d do for other people. Then not do it. Now, not only do I have somebody angry at me, but I’ve got this intense feeling of failure digging into the back of my brain. One I can’t get rid of no matter what I do. And all of that feeds into the cycle of failure, because now those people won’t ask me to help them anymore, figuring I won’t remember to do it, and that will leave me depressed because I like helping people. 😔

It’s also not like I’ve tried to do things to overcome this personality flaw. I’ve tried lists and charts and setting reminders on my phone, but none of it has mattered. I’ll look at the list and say I’ll remember to do that later. I make the charts, then forget to check them. And the reminders on my phone I’ll just push whatever button I need to to get the notification to go away.

All of it just really sucks, and I don’t know how to change it. 😕

If any of you have any suggestions that might help please leave them in the comments. And to help the blog grow please like and share it on all your social platforms. 

One more thing, I’m sorry this post became me whining about life. I’ll try not to let it happen again, but I make no promises.

Consecutive Days Blogging: 5

(At least I’ve managed to remember to blog.)

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