Poem A Day: An Ode to Star Trek

Captain Kirk is on the bridge,
Spock is decorating the tree,
While Worf is rifling through the fridge,
And the Klingons are on a caroling spree.


Nothing is as good as ice fishing,
While Data calculates the distance,
I think Wesley has gone missing,
And the Enterprise makes an entrance.


For what is an ode to Star Trek,
Without the most noble of starships,
Though Star Trek III caused a wreck,
Nu Trek has every shaking their hips.


This poem is full of nonsense,
My mind has been gone long since.


***Author’s Note***

Wrote that Christmas Day I believe. Maybe a day or two before. Not sure. But, I thought it might be a good way to start out the New Year. Not nearly as depressing as some of the ones I’ve got coming up.

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