Poem a Day: A Shakespearean Sonnet

Oh blank page,
How I loathe thee,
Filling me with violent rage,
Knowing I will never be free.


Haunt me you will,
Till my dying breath,
I’ll fill you with swill,
No better than Macbeth.


Alas poor Yorik,
I knew him, Horacio,
Find someone named Hendrik,
I’ll hide him in the palacio.


Shakespeare you cannot beat,
Alas, I’m afraid, I can’t compete.


***Author’s Note***

So, this week has been rather productive, even though I’ve missed quite a few days of poetry. With that you have my apologies. I’ll try to work in a couple extra poems in the week to come, but I make no guarantees.


I have finished the short story, Dobhar-chu is its name. It’s a historical/fantasy short story set halfway in the land of Eire, and halfway in a world I call AllHaven. I need to hear back from my editor (read: wife) before I call the work on it fully complete. Once it’s got her seal of approval, then I’ll wrap it up in a nice little package and send it off on submission.


Anywho, it’s past time this cat crawled into bed. Yawn.

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