Poem a Day: Blade of the Destroyer

Blade of the Destroyer,
Blood of the Demented,
Eternity’s employer,
Everything lamented.


How the half demon howls,
Fear of fallen angels,
Drug through the hell’s bowels,
Crying for the archangels.


I was once alive,
Flying through the skies,
Though I could never thrive,
My soul, the sin, denies.


Now the time is gone,
Fleeting like a fawn.



***Author’s Note***


I would like to thank Andy Peloquin for writing Blade of the Destroyer, book 1 of The Last Bucelarii. It has been a fantastic read. Every last word of it.


This poem is, in fact, dedicated to Andy Peloquin and his talent. Just saying, this guy’s going places. 😀


And… that is all.

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