Poem a Day: For My Grandma

Death sat beside her bed,
His hand resting upon her head,
Yet her heart did not fill with dread,
She found joy and happiness instead.


For she had a life well lived,
For ninety-two years she survived,
With six children who grew and thrived,
And many grand children who were pint-sized.


They were pint-sized all those years ago,
But now stand round, their eyes a glow,
As they watch the curtains end the show,
Mourn their hearts did on this day though.


Mourn they should not,
Tis part of God’s great plot,
They may all be distraught,
But the angel’s songs ease their thought.


For up their high above,
Her beauty is eternal and radiant as a dove,
She suffers no more wrapped in God’s silk glove.


***Author’s Note***

I wrote this when my Grandma passed away. March 18, 1923 to March 18, 2015. I miss you Grandma. Oh God, Grandma, I miss you so much.

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