Multiplicity: How Many Alters Do You Have and What Are They Like?

Inspired by a question on Quora.

The smart ass in me wants to start this answer with more than one, less than a hundred. But, that’s neither here nor there. To be honest I’ve never done an exact count, its a number that always seems to shift as I’m always finding more. So, to rephrase the question in a way that makes sense for me: How many of your others are active, and what are they like?

To answer that question I’ve got four who are the most active: Kain, Khitti, Xarathiel, and Isaiah. Of the four of them Kain is the only adult. The other three are children. I have lots of inner children (that’s probably why I never want to grow up).

Khitti is probably my most active personality. She is a four year old who is extremely talented mathematically. Without my brain in the way the little girl can do calculus in her head. She wants me to find advanced algebra workbooks like they’ve got the basic math workbooks for normal children. (If you happen to know of a place to get something like that let me know in the comments.) Other than math her current obsession is Skyrim. If I were to let her she would spend every waking moment playing the game. She loves My Little Pony, Princess Luna and Fluttershy are her favorites. Her favorite Disney movie is Tangled with Frozen being a close second (I’ve seen both of those movies upwards of forty times now, and she’ll start randomly singing the songs in my head at the most inopportune times). I love my little Khitti, and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

The next most active is Xarathiel, we call her Z for short. She’s probably around fourteen in age and is a total girly girl. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t woken up with blonde hair extensions, a manicure, a pedicure, and a lovely and frilly pink dress. She also knows I would never let her out again if that happened. Inside she spends her time drawing (I wish I had one-tenth of her talent), reading, and playing pranks on the other others. (Namely by turning them different colors.) She also likes My Little Pony and her favorite is Twilight Sparkle. When I let her out around other people her favorite thing to do is make them play a guessing game of sorts. She’ll pretend to be me, but will drop hints here and there trying to keep the person she’s talking to off kilter. She has a blast with it, and I admit I find it entertaining.

The next most active is Kain. In a way he’s my guardian angel and my ideal self all rolled into one. He’s been around the longest, wearing different names and faces as I grew up, but he was always there trying to protect me. Now he’s my biggest cheerleader. He knows what to say and when to say it. He knows when to call me out on shit. I feel like he’s perfect, and I’ve always wanted to be him. He’s everything I’m not. (Right now he’s facepalming and muttering ‘I’m far from perfect’ under his breath.)

The fourth most active personality is Isaiah. He’s a little boy probably about eight years old. He’s got a speech impediment due to surgery he’d had done on his throat (I might write more about that in a different post), and his absolute favorite thing in the world is soft serve ice cream. And, ice cream sandwiches. He said I can’t leave that out.

So, that’s pretty much my most active group. Later on I might go and write a post for each of them. But, I”m going to call it quits for now.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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