Daily Stats: 9/1/18

So, I’ve come up with an interesting idea. Yesterday I published a poem titled One Year From Today, and I have to say I’m absolutely honest about that resolution. I’ve come to the final breaking point in my life. Now, I’m going the other direction as quickly as I can. To work in my favor and maybe provide a little motivation, I’m going to keep track of all my basic activities. The ones that I feel will be most helpful in getting me to the point where I can find that new person and burn away all this mental mange. And, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m going to do all of this publicly. That’s right folks, I want you all to hold me publicly accountable for these actions. I also want you all to serve as my evidence.

Here’s what my list of stats is going to look like:

Stat List for 9/1/18

Walk: Distance 1.31 miles; Duration 00:29:34
Meditation: 5 sessions, 10+ minutes each
Poem A Day: Yes
Blog Post: Yes
Short Story Saturday post: No
The Goal That Shall Not Be Named: Yes
Homework: Way Behind

The stat list will vary pretty regularly, as there’s going to be variation in what’s being posted on the blog and such, and I’ll add in whether I’ve been doing any creative writing or not, such as adding a line that specifically says word count.

Just to make out a total list:

Poem A Day
Blog Post
Multiplicity post
Super Sonnet Sunday post
Short Story Saturday post
Stats post
The Goal That Shall Not Be Named
Word Count
Time Spent Writing Creatively
Blog Stats Weekly post
Blog Stats Monthly post

I decided another good thing to track would be the stats for my blog, and maybe throwing a shout out to those of you who want to follow my insanity.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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