The Poet: The Uncrustable

Where to look for inspiration,
No further than the freezer,
Inside is a great temptation,
Even for a geezer.

Uncrustables are the tastiest thing,
Almost as good as an ice cream sandwich,
Pardon me while I go sing,
In the land of sand and which.

Those are for kids,
Some people may say,
They’ll not get my bid,
Not even to stay.

Now to find a word to rhyme with uncrustable,
I’d say it’s positively combustible.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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The Poet: One Year From Now

One year from now,
I’ll be unrecognizable,
Don’t ask how,
I’m more than capable.

I’m going to change,
The old me is dead,
I’ll burn away my mental mange,
And, seal it in a tomb of lead.

Don’t doubt me,
I’m behind this with all my heart,
Just wait and see,
Success will be my primary part.

I can succeed without a doubt,
I will succeed, I’ll tout it out.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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Missed a Day

Holy Crap!
I missed a day,
I need hit with a sap,
The category is Poem A Day.

That was lazy,
Rhyming day with day, shame,
My horizon is always hazy,
Hey, it’s the procrastination game.

I’ll not go there,
Not at all,
Even if the weather’s fair,
I’m simply too tall.

Self-deprecation in an entertaining fashion,
I used to beat myself up with such passion.


Ryan S. Kinsgrove



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Victim of Instant Gratification

Are you a victim of instant gratification?
Do you want the world to work your way and no other?
How do you get your satisfaction?
Do you always run home to mother?

Instant gratification has torn our world apart,
Now, now, now is the demand for everything,
We want it all right after the start,
And, give up if its not working.

Messages in this world are instant,
Gratification is not,
Hard work and persistence must be your intent,
Nothing is ever all for naught.

Where will you go when instant gratification is far from your mind?
No longer will you ever be confined.


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Get Your Shit Together

Get your shit together,
This is my new mission,
No matter the state of the weather,
I have made the final decision.

Ten long years I wallowed in misery,
I broke my vows and was naught but a child,
That is why my marriage is history,
And, why the papers will soon be filed.

I won’t let it continue,
The misery will no longer rule,
My decision is far past due,
But, I will protect it like a jewel.

Here’s to the life I will now live,
I won’t fail, I’ll give all I have to give.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove

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Procrastination Nation

In a world of dreadful secrets,
I have one flaw I must admit,
Procrastination is my greatest weakness,
It’s a fact I want to omit.

But, the world is fill with procrastination,
We chose the last minute rush,
To have unearned instant gratification,
Which really leads to the last minute crush.

Even now I procrastinate,
Writing this poem instead of my schoolwork,
With such deep loathing I fill myself with hate,
It makes me feel like a great big jerk.

Soon my chances will all slip by,
And tears of failure will seep out my eye.

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The Gunslinger

Based on The Dark Tower cycle by Stephen King.

The man in black fled across the desert,
The gunslinger followed,
Randal Flagg intends to divert,
Yet Roland Deschain remains stolid.

Go then,
There are other worlds than these,
Jake’s life ends at the tip of a pen,
The Tower stands as a great black disease.

A singular object,
Of the truest obsession,
His guns are drawn to protect,
Lives forfeit without any question.

On and on the wheel turns ever slow,
The Tower its center, and there he must go.

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Have You Ever Tried To Reprogram Your Brain

Computers are easy to handle,
Compared to the mind,
A computer can be changed quick as a candle,
The reset butt on the mind is much harder to find.

Windows screws up,
Time to reformat,
Download the backup,
Catch up on chitchat.

Mental breakdown,
Years of therapy,
Constantly run-down,
Always denied serenity.

Have you ever tried to reprogram your brain?
I’ve tried and tried but can’t see any gain.


This Is Truly A Bad Poem

How can anyone love me,
If I don’t love myself?
Why must my heart be,
Breaking, crumbling in on itself?

Is it simply the way the cookie crumbles?
With hatred welling in my innermost depths,
Tis an experience which truly humbles,
All done in twelve easy steps.

Melancholy, it is my life,
I carry an umbrella when the sun shines,
I cry blood tears, brought by a knife,
I’m trapped, afraid to go outside the lines.

This is truly a bad poem, khajiit says it is so,
Now the argonian wants me to go.


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On This Day I Make a Vow

The truth of life can be found in meditation,
From the calmness of the mind grows a wellspring of determination,
Following it up with a fistful of dedication,
And, last but not least, comes motivation.

Motivation is a fickle creature,
Almost never sticking around for the feature,
Working one day a week it’s more like a preacher,
Though with meditation we really need a teacher.

Determination is the ox pulling the plow,
Like a golem endlessly moving, forever and now,
It nearly always leads to a vow,
With determination you know you’ll make it there somehow.

Dedication is determination in its purest form,
Dedication is the vow that becomes the norm,
To people like me it will help transform,
To soothe my consciousness and calm the storm.

On this day, I make a vow to take up meditation,
And keep it as a permanent affirmation.




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