The Poet: Getting Motivated

I’ve written about instant gratification before,
But, now I want to publish an unwritten novel,
I’m not even sure how that idea got out the door,
Much less build and fortify its own little hovel.

Here I’m thinking I can be a great writer,
When setting down to write is near impossible to do,
The burden on my shoulders doesn’t get any lighter,
When I have too many ideas to view.

Motivation is near impossible for me,
I don’t have the dedication for follow through,
I feel as immobile as a tree,
I can’t find the getup to just do.

Maybe today will be different I think,
Maybe today I’ll sit and write till I turn pink.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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On This Day I Make a Vow

The truth of life can be found in meditation,
From the calmness of the mind grows a wellspring of determination,
Following it up with a fistful of dedication,
And, last but not least, comes motivation.

Motivation is a fickle creature,
Almost never sticking around for the feature,
Working one day a week it’s more like a preacher,
Though with meditation we really need a teacher.

Determination is the ox pulling the plow,
Like a golem endlessly moving, forever and now,
It nearly always leads to a vow,
With determination you know you’ll make it there somehow.

Dedication is determination in its purest form,
Dedication is the vow that becomes the norm,
To people like me it will help transform,
To soothe my consciousness and calm the storm.

On this day, I make a vow to take up meditation,
And keep it as a permanent affirmation.




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