The Poet: Playing a Game

Playing a game,
It’s all good,
A game just the same,
There is nothing I forbid.

A game with cards and dice,
Real strategy is involved,
It’s my one and only vice,
Though it’s often unresolved.

The game of life,
It’s a bitch,
Give me the knife,
And, try not to twitch.

Now that you’ve seen my face,
I must send you to outer space.


Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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Skyrim’s Dragons Aren’t Dragons, a Sonnet

Look, out there, along the horizon,
Tis mighty Alduin come to pillage,
Fear not for this seeming threat rising,
Alduin isn’t even a dragon, no threat to our village.

His wings and teeth doth make you a liar,
Scales and fire all these things a dragon make,
Wings and teeth yes, merely makes him a flier,
Four limbs and two wings doth a true dragon take.

A true dragon for Shor’s sake man,
It breaths fire and flies, with scales like steel, that’s all I need to call it a dragon,
But it is a wyvern, more like a caveman,
A dragon he is not, get yer head outta the flagon.

But my friend, Webster doth agree,
A wyvern is a dragon with two legs I doth swear it be.

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