The Poet-Super Sonnet Sunday: All Under Control

Delirious he,
Delirious she,
Delirious me,
Delirious thee.

Mania and Dementia,
Manic and Depressive,
Twins on the same coin, hallelujah,
Yet suddenly compressive.

Bi-polar disorder, you old fiend,
Or claim you Sheogorath be,
From thee the Joker has many things gleaned,
Constant accursed companion you are to me.

Mental health is not a joke,
Trapped in this monster’s eternal yoke,
My brains spill out little more than yolk,
And, I’ll feel as if I never woke.

On paper, it’s easy to be mad,
The audience merely thinks it’s an act,
In reality, I’m not all that bad,
I’d say I’ve got plenty of tact.

Negative thoughts, self-deprecation, all under control,
I’ll at least let you think I’m playing that role.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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Arkham Rat: The Bat is Dead

The Bat is dead…

By Mr. J


The Bat is dead.

The Bat is dead.

Ding. Dong. The Bat is dead.



You’d think I’d be happy, all of you pasty faced twits out there would think this is exactly what I want.

I may put on a smile. Hahahaaaa. But’s it’s a forced smile. Literally. I can’t move my lips any other way.

Ah hahahaaaa

My greatest nemesis. My first true foe has passed from this life. And, it kills me a little, way deep down inside. We duked it out on the small screen with wacky hand buzzers and exploding fish.





No Dark Knight or Dynamic Duo will be as good as the first to wear the cape and cowl. Though it pains me to say it… Adam West, you were my greatest foe, and my life means a little less without you in it. May you Rest In Peace.

The Joker


Disclaimer: As the author to this I want to point out it is a work of fiction and is my way of trying to honor the great Adam West in the way I think the joker would. I hold this man in the highest regard as one of the truly great interpretations of the Dark Knight. I hope his Bat Signal burns just as bright, in this world and the next.

Rest In Peace Adam West. You will be missed.

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.” –Stephen King