The Poet: Super Sonnet Sunday: Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Mother Nature is like me,
Quite bipolar, just for a start,
Temps in the eighties one day, from it I only want to flee,
The next is thirty-nine, your breath comes in clouds to wave away.

And, now the poem will shift,
A neat little segue,
To love being the world’s most beautiful gift,
Assigning a ten thousand word essay.

What does an essay have to do with love,
Everything! If it’s an essay on Romeo and Juliet,
The love between them is sweeter than any dove,
Spend five hundred words describing the sunset.

Romeo and Juliet, an essay on love, Mother Nature’s mental disorder,
What more can be crammed into this oversized poem?
This question could not be harder,
A challenge it is, and I’m going to show them.

Star Wars and Star Trek and Doctor Who for good measure,
We’ll stir up a nice pot of chaos,
John de Lancie is both Q and Discord, of that I am sure,
Come now, it’s time for the séance.

What does Harley Quinn and Twilight Sparkle have in common?
Their voice actor, the one and only Tara Strong,
Seems awfully rotten,
Smelling distinctly of Hong Kong.

And this has been my Super Sonnet Sunday,
You better believe it’s my number one fun day.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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