Multiplicity: Where Do The Others Come From  

This isn’t a question I found on Quora, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was there somewhere. It is a topic that greatly interests me, and has since I discovered them. It’s one of those things I’ve puzzled over for years, talking to pretty much whoever would listen to me about it. In the end though, I’ve only come up with theories, as I don’t believe there is any one specific way they come into being. There are ways that therapists and psychiatrists have theorized, and there are the ways I’ve thought about it. My thoughts are certainly more entertaining than what the scientists have come up with, but then I want to spend my life telling stories for a living, so my ideas should be more entertaining. So, I think what we’ll do from here is have a nice little discussion of what these theories are. We’ll start with the way I understand the scientific theories (it’s very important to note at this point that I am NOT a medical professional, and everything I say in this section should be taken with a grain of salt), then we’ll progress to the entertaining theories that I’ve come up with, and lastly we’ll discuss what my current and previous therapists think is the most likely cause for my specific case. 

(Now, what’s probably going to happen is I’m going to give a very brief overview of the topics here then expand each one to its own post later on. If I do go through with that plan, I will come back to this post, and add a link to each individual topic.)

Classic Case

(Just a reminder, I am NOT a medical professional, and everything said here should be taken with a grain of salt.)

The causes of the disorder in the classical sense are almost universally some form of traumatic experience during the patient’s childhood. This could be some form of abuse such as physical, mental, or sexual. It could also be some other traumatic experience like the death of a close friend or family member, a car wreck, constant bullying from ones peers (which I suppose counts as constant physical and mental abuse), among a wide variety of other things. The way the mind copes with these events is to create the alternate personalities. In other words, the disassociation is a type of defense mechanism. The mind will create these alternate personalities for specific purposes, but often enough those personalities will reach out and become much more than the intended purpose, and evolve until they are a complete and distinct personality from the core (or host) personality.

In my experience and somewhat limited research (again, not a medical professional) I’ve found that there tend to be four primary types of classic personalities: a splinter personality, a defensive personality, a sort of emotional focus, and the focus of an intense drive or desire. (I’d like to note at this point that there is going to be a lot of overlap between not only these personalities, but those discussed in later sections.)

The splinter personality is typically a one off personality, created by a single traumatic event and lasting only long enough for the primary personality to process whatever situation created the splinter personality. These personalities are almost never fully formed personalities, though they can evolve, developing a complete character separate from the primary personality, this will often move them from being a splinter personality to one of the other personality types. In my experience the new personality type is most often a defensive personality.

The defensive personality is exactly what it sounds like it should be. The mind creates this personality as a way to deal with a traumatic experience that occurs over an extended period of time (such as the mental, physical, and emotional abuse discussed above). There are a number of ways this personality will react when faced with the situation its meant to defend against. In some cases it will simply absorb the negativity of the experience like a sort of sponge to protect the primary personality, while in other circumstances it will react violently when faced with the experience that created it. The period of control this personality can exert varies just like the splinter personality, though the defensive mechanism almost always develops into an independent personality complete with its own hopes, dreams, mannerisms, and a plethora of other traits. This personality is not always aware of the primary personality, and will often come with a sort of backstory and false memories that it fills in from early childhood to whatever point in life the personality was created at. This personality is often the first one to realize that it isn’t alone, and that it isn’t the core personality. In my experience this personality is also the most likely to become a negative personality.

The emotional focus personality is also pretty self explanatory. This personality is created when the primary personality feels an emotion so strongly that it overwhelms the primary personality. An emotional focus created in this fashion is most often created by feelings of anger or rage, and manifests whenever the primary personality crosses a particular threshold when it comes to this emotion. This does not mean that feelings of anger and rage are the only emotions that can spawn an emotional focus personality. It is just as easy for a person to convince themselves that they’re not allowed, or don’t deserve, to experience true happiness. Then whenever that emotion arises this personality manifests. The potential exists for this type of personality to develop with every emotion. In my experience I’ve seen emotional focus personalities that are based on feelings of sadness and depression, sexual feelings, romantic feelings, anger, happiness, and quite a few others. These personalities often fall under the category of splinter personalities, and, depending on the inciting emotion, they can have a high chance of becoming negative personalities. Emotional focus personalities can also serve as defensive personalities, and poses the potential to become full fledged independent personalities.

Desire driven personalities overlap with both emotional personalities and splinter personalities. They are created most often when an individual find something they want, but feel they aren’t capable of achieving that goal. It is a type of escapist personality, and often becomes a sort of ideal self for the primary personality. A sort of daydream personality, where they imagine this personality doing all the things they feel they’re incapable of achieving. There’s a very easy and popular example of this personality type in the form of Tyler Durden from Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. (If you believe certain, fan theories this type of personality would also describe the character of Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.) This type of personality is almost always a fully formed personality though they will start out as either an emotional focus personality or a defensive personality and evolve from there. The primary personality will almost always be aware of this personality to one extent or another, typically with this personality existing in the imagination as the primary personality’s ideal self. (In children the desire driven personality will typically appear as an imaginary friend, and work as both the desire driven personality and a coping mechanism for the child. It will also typically take on the form of one of the child’s heroes/heroines from a TV program/movie/cartoon that they’re particularly fond of, as they age it will evolve into the image of the child’s ideal self.)

Supernatural Conduit

And, now we get to move on to the fun and entertaining theories I’ve come up with over the years. I also can’t claim full credit for these theories as I’ve picked them up from multiple different sources over the years, though, as far as I can tell a couple of them are wholly my creation.

Old Souls are one of the first things that come to mind. Old Souls are part of the idea of reincarnation and they tend to be the collection of your memories and experiences from a past life. Sometimes these personalities are merely flat representations of the memories, basically a repository of the information to be gleaned from that life, and other times they are fully fledged independent personalities that exist separate from the primary personality. I’m not sure how I would connect this type of personality back to the classic cases. I guess the personality type would fit in with any type of personality discussed in the classic cases, though it would overlap most with the defensive personality and the desire driven personality.

New Souls are the second to come to mind. I believe this is one of the ones that I’ve come up with on my own. (At least I don’t remember seeing it anywhere before.) Anyway, the idea if a new soul is just what it sounds like. This is a soul just being born and is basically using the “host soul” as a sort of egg to develop and grow in. In my estimation, it is most likely that these new souls are going to be the souls passed onto the children of the “host soul”. I also believe that these personalities have no connection to the personalities discussed in the classic cases section.

This next theory probably counts as the most “out there” theory, and centers around the idea of the truly supernatural. If you can’t guess, I’m talking about avatars, demonic and angelic possession, and anything else that might fit into the realm of the completely inexplicable. Basically, I’m talking about the “host soul” becoming a true to life conduit for beings that exist beyond our concept for reality. It could be that one of the personalities is a type of demonic possession in which the “demon soul” is entwined with the “host soul” in such a way that even an exorcism wouldn’t separate the two beings. Then you have the possibility of angelic “possession” in a similar fashion where the angel is sharing a symbiotic relationship with the “host soul”. And, the final, kind of most entertaining part of this theory, is the “host soul” being chosen as an avatar for one of the divine powers in existence.Loki, Thor, Odin, Zeus, Aphrodite, Horus-Ra, Bastet, God, Lucifer, among countless others. An avatar is the mortal representative of the divine being who chooses to manifest in a mortal form. As I mentioned earlier this is the most out there theory, and as such, is the least likely to be the correct answer to the question of where the others come from. It is fun to think about.

Another kind of sub classification of the Supernatural Conduit theory is that of an eternity in a living hell. My idea behind this is that a supernatural being, an immortal of sorts, has been bound to a mortal soul as a type of punishment. I feel like this is one of the real laws of nature/physics. The idea that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. As such, what is consciousness (standing in for the idea of the soul) if not a type of energy, and the consciousness of an immortal mythological being is a representation of pure energy. Therefore the consciousness of this immortal being is bound to the soul of a mortal, and the magic used to bind the offending soul exists in such a way as to allow the immortal soul to be aware of everything happening around it and the mortal soul, but it’s bound in such a way that it can never act under the power of its own will. To me this would be like being trapped in some form of an ultimately debilitating physical or mental condition. For me that would be hell, being trapped in a body, being alive and aware of everything happening around me, but having absolutely no ability to interact with the environment and those around me. My only wish at that point would be to die, so I no longer had to face my own personal hell. (That’s where the idea of a personality trapped in an eternal hell comes from.) I would also say that this personality is the most likely to be a negative personality.

The multiverse theory. This is another one I feel like I’ve come up with mostly on my own, though I did have a bit of help with the idea in the form of a Jet Li movie, (i)The One(i). In this movie Jet Li plays two or three of the primary characters, I can’t remember, but the premise is that one character, the villainous version of Jet Li is hunting down the other version of himself that exist across the multiverse in an effort to consolidate the power of all of those versions of himself into one being (the intent is for the villainous version of Jet Li to be left as the last remaining version of that character). In the way I see the multiverse theory is that we, as individuals, exist in all universes at the same time. Were not always the exact same person, though our genetics and such are pretty much identical (in most cases), but we are linked through the string of our shared soul. Some of the others that manifest within a multiplicity individual could possibly be reflections of that individual from other universes. That doesn’t mean the soul in the other universe is dead, only that this personality (or the host personality) has learned how to look across the barrier between realities and is strong enough to manifest and interact with our reality.

Fantasy made reality/life imitates art. This isn’t really a theory I’ve had direct contact with, but it has been more observation of the lives going on around me. Primarily the lives of celebrities. Now, I’m not a big one to follow the stories of different celebs, but there are some factors I’ve found impossible to ignore. Primarily with actors, and the type of acting they do. I mean method actors, of course. These actors seem to embrace the idea of Multiplicity. They don’t pretend to play a character so much as they literally focus on becoming that character. They work to pull the character up off the pages of the script/novel/whatever and transform themselves into that character. There is a very powerful example of this, but I don’t think I’ve got time to talk about it right now (not unless I want this post to get waaaay longer than it is already). This topic will most definitely come up in a post of its own.

The Most Likely Explanation

Now for the final, and probably the most boring part of the discussion.

I am not a classic case of MPD/DID. I’ve been aware of my others for almost as long as they’ve existed. I know, and can control, when they manifest and for how long they’re out. It not so much as me stepping out of the driver seat to give them free reign of the wheel, its more like they’re sitting on my lap while I work the pedals. I can remember almost everything that happens while they’re manifesting, and they have to work, very hard, if they’re trying to hide something they did or some piece of information they have from me. In short I’m always in control. (And, that’s not necessarily a good thing. At least to me anyway.)

I do have some of the classic causes for the development of the others. I was bullied as a kid in grade school, all the way from kindergarten up to ninth grade. I was the kid with the big @$$ bullseye on the back of my head. I practically always had a figurative “kick me” sign taped to my back. I don’t know why. But, that mental and emotional abuse did create probably the only classical personality I have. Kain.

I believe Kain was born as a defensive personality. He is the being that took control of me when it came to facing down the bullies. He never got violent. Don’t get me wrong, he wanted too, but other factors in my personality prevented that from happening. So, he did the next best thing. He absorbed the abuse (it was never really physical abuse, just the mental and emotional variety), and he protected me from it. I was a relatively well adjusted kid for much of my childhood, and it was only in the later years (after the bullying had stopped, oddly enough) that a lot of my mental health issues began to surface. And, if I remember correctly, I was aware of Kain while I was a child. He was my imaginary friend. I don’t remember what his name was at the time, but I know he was the red Power Ranger and we had many interesting adventures fighting the vile forces of Rita Repulsa.

Now that we’ve got the classic case personality out of the way lets talk about the rest of my retinue. All of my therapists have come to pretty much the same conclusion. I am a novelist, a storyteller. I was born one, and have wanted nothing more throughout my entire life than to make a living telling stories. As such, this has created a predisposition in me towards creating fictional characters. I’ve populated countless worlds with many many different fictional characters, and my therapists believe that the personalities I share a mind and body with have been born from this predisposition.

I’ve come to grudgingly accept this explanation over the years, as much as I enjoy the entertaining theories discussed above. This explanation does make the most logical sense.

If I wanted too, I could continue to drag this post out by discussing the different varieties of fictional characters I’ve noticed over the course of my time with Multiplicity, but I think that would be better left to another topic. And, sense this post has run on so long I feel the need to offer those of you who made it this far something of an apology. So, as an apology, here is a picture of a Jesus on a potato chip:

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Outlining a Series With the Snowflake Method: Step 2 One Paragraph Storyline- Original Example

Step 1: One Sentence Storyline|
Step 1-1/2: What Type of Series?
Step 2: One Paragraph Storyline- Exposition
Step 2: One Paragraph Storyline- In Practice


Now, we’ve finally come to the part of step 2 where we’re going to talk about how to build the One Paragraph Storyline from scratch. This one will also come with a Project Journal post because we’ll be brainstorming the overarching plot for the entirety of our series. So, just like with the Harry Potter example, The Dragon God’s Canticles is going to be a seven-book series, meaning it will be constructed with my slightly modified version of the snowflake method. This means that instead of three disasters and an ending, we’re going to have six disasters and an ending. We must also keep in mind that these disasters are going to be the basis for what we turn into the one sentence storylines for the next-ish step. So, let’s get started.

The Dragon God’s Canticles

One Sentence Storyline:

An unlikely team of heroes are gathered together to prevent the darkness of the demonic dragon god from spreading across the land.

Sounds like the tagline for the next Power Rangers TV show…

Anyway, aside from that, now is the point in time where I need to open up a new document and get to work on the disasters.

Note to self: It is also very important to remember that these disasters will be the climactic moments of the books, not the end of the book.

(And, now practically a week later I get to go back to working on this post.)

So, by the time this post goes up I’m sure you’ll have noticed the project journal for The Dragon God’s Canticles has gone up, and I have finally caught up on my homework, so I am now able to return to my attempt to entertain and enlighten.

The process of coming up with these disasters, is basically sitting down and thinking of the whole story as one work, then going slightly forward with that work. I tried to make the disasters as character based as I could, rather than specifically plot based, but when I’ve got so little information on my characters, as of right now, there’s not much to hinge on that. Particularly, I like the turn of Trizog from villain to returned paragon paladin king. It will certainly make for an interesting turn of events when the story reaches that point.

(Also, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not, but the genre and category I planned on placing this series in is YA Epic Fantasy.)

And, on with the disasters:

  1. Evelyn is captured during the final battle against the great blue dragon and is whisked away to Fiend-Fire Citadel by Trizog of Balfor.
  2. The cult of the Ligdo Drakko Nekro reveals that it is involved in Balfor’s war in a big way.
  3. Trizog reveals to Azariel and Evelyn that he is actually Tristram LaFeya, the lost king of Bertran.
  4. As though it were a miracle, King Tristram LaFeya and the knights he fought alongside are able to free themselves in the final battle of Balfor’s War, and with the apparent death of Trizog of Balfor they return Tristram to his throne.
  5. The kingdom of Bertran explodes into a civil war, as Tristram LaFeya and Richard LaFeya battle against one another to see who truly has the right to the throne.
  6. The Ligdo Drakko Nekro is out in the fields as the men are dying. It is resurrecting them and building an army with which to blot out the sun, it plans on using Richard LaFeya as its host body.
  7. The portal to the abyss is open, and dracodemons are pouring out of it like water from a cleft rock. Desperate and out of options, Evelyn and Azariel lead a strike team back to Fiend-Fire Strand to find some way to end this conflict once and for all.


And, now we can finally put together that One Paragraph Storyline:

An unlikely team of heroes are gathered together to prevent the darkness of the demonic dragon god from spreading across the land. Evelyn is captured during the final battle against the great blue dragon and is whisked away to Fiend-Fire Citadel by Trizog of Balfor. The cult of the Ligdo Drakko Nekro reveals that it is involved in Balfor’s war in a big way. Trizog reveals to Azariel and Evelyn that he is actually Tristram LaFeya, the lost king of Bertran. As though it were a miracle, King Tristram LaFeya and the knights he fought alongside are able to free themselves in the final battle of Balfor’s War, and with the apparent death of Trizog of Balfor they return Tristram to his throne. The kingdom of Bertran explodes into a civil war, as Tristram LaFeya and Richard LaFeya battle against one another to see who truly has the right to the throne. The Ligdo Drakko Nekro is out in the fields as the men are dying. It is resurrecting them and building an army with which to blot out the sun, it plans on using Richard LaFeya as its host body. The portal to the abyss is open, and dracodemons are pouring out of it like water from a cleft rock. Desperate and out of options, Evelyn and Azariel lead a strike team back to Fiend-Fire Strand to find some way to end this conflict once and for all.

Yes, that paragraph is literally the disasters and one sentence storyline copy and pasted together. I do think I’ll try to tidy things up a bit. Maybe not so tidy as they’ll get when I turn the disasters into One Sentence Storylines, but I don’t really intend on doing that here. Anyway…

“Cleaner” One Paragraph Storyline:

An unlikely team of heroes from all walks are gathered together to prevent the darkness of the Ligdo Drakko Nekro from spreading across the land. Crown Princess Evelyn LaFeya is taken captive at the battle for the Solarian Tower and whisked away to the forbidden fortress of Fiend-Fire Citadel by the vile Trizog of Balfor. Trapped in the heart of Balfor, the princess finds a way to escape her captivity in time to learn of Trizog’s true reason for starting this war. Trizog holds a hidden hand though, one he reveals to Evelyn and Azariel; Trizog is really Tristram LaFeya, the lost king of Bertran and Evelyn’s father. Bertran’s war with Balfor comes to its climax with the apparent death of Trizog of Balfor and the escape of Tristram LaFeya and the knights who went missing with him nearly twenty years ago. Tristram returned from the dead means Richard’s claim to the throne has been invalidated, rather than surrendering to his brother, Richard and the Ligdo Drakko Nekro plunge Bertran into a civil war. Richard perishes in his quest for the crown, but his role in the grand play has yet to reach its end, the Ligdo Drakko Nekro intends to use his corpse as a host and lead an army of darkness greater than anything ever seen under the sun. With the portal open to the dracodemon’s hell dimension, the Ligdo Drakko Nekro is well on his way to eliminating all life, only Azariel, Evelyn, and company are left to stand in the way of the deranged god …and, they live happily ever after… (couldn’t resist).

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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The Dragon God’s Canticles Project Journal: Disasters


So, it’s time to sit down and think about disasters, and the overarching plot I want to have going on in The Dragon God’s Canticles series. Right now all I have is the first book ending with Evelyn’s capture. Book four (skipping there for some reason) is going to be one be of the major turning points of the story. Like the goblet of fire it will have Azog coming into his power wholly. By that I mean he’ll be taking the throne of Bertran. It’ll be revealed in the third or early in the fourth book, that Azog is actually a corrupted human paladin named Tristram LaFeya and the true king of Bertran. He is Evelyn’s father and is the oldest of the LaFeya sons and the first to be anointed a paladin of Sol. I think that might be part of the revelation in book 3. Yes, the disaster to book three will be the revelation that Azog of Balfor is really Tristram LaFeya the true king of the kingdom of Bertran. Book four’s disaster will be Azog dethroning Richard LaFeya. His little brother. Okay, so I’ve got the disaster for books 1, 3, and 4. But not 2. You’d think I’d need to come up with book 2 before I do 3 and 4. Eh, whatever works.


I’m also still short the disasters for books 5 and 6 and the ending in the form of book 7.


Alright, so I’ve got some of my disasters figured out thus far. The first disaster is going to be Evelyn being captured by the dragon at the Battle of the Solarian Tower. The third disaster is going to be that Azog of Balfor is revealed to really be the corrupted form of Tristram LaFeya, the true king of Bertran. The fourth disaster is Tristram reclaiming his throne from his younger brother, Richard LaFeya. Maybe I should shift that though and have those be the disasters for books one-three. That way the second one is Azog being revealed as Tristram. And, this revelation doesn’t mean to the people at large, only the small group of heroes who come to save Evelyn. Maybe it will solely be a revelation to Evelyn. Or one to Evelyn and Azariel. I’m not sure where those thoughts are going.


Anyway, essentially what I want to do with that is kind of transition it so that Azog isn’t a total villain by the time he takes the throne back from Richard. Over the course of the first three books I want Richard to very much become as bad, if not worse than Azog, that way having Tristram reclaim the throne in the fourth book seems like the best thing to have happen.


At that point, I will also begin introducing the full final villain of the series. This villain will be set up in the first four books but won’t be a direct participant. It will be acting through its intermediary, Azog. The villain is going to be the Ligdo Drakko Nekro, the Little Dead Dragon, or the Dragon God of Death. Something is going to happen, during either the second or third book where Azog is going to decide to betray the Ligdo Drakko Nekro. I think Evelyn is going to be able to break through to his human heart during her stay in the Fiend-fire Citadel.


Anyway, Azog/Tristram is going to be playing both sides of the field for the middle three books, only revealing his true allegiance at the beginning of the seventh book, just before he dies. Azog is going to be playing both sides after the third book. I’m trying to work out how things will play out with the new villain. Azog is going to be a paragon character archetype. His particular brand of good is going to be open for interpretation though. Which isn’t really pertinent to the disasters, but… I dunno.


I’ve still only got books 1-3 set up. Though I still kind of like the idea of it being Book 1s disaster, skip 2, then have three and four. Four is sort of a pivotal point in the story as everybody will be looking to what happens in the next book. This still isn’t helping me get a disaster for book 2.


So, if I want it do that Evelyn is still being held by Azog in book 3, what can happen in book 2 that will get them closer to rescuing her. I don’t want her to stay damselled for two books. In book two she escapes, the group gets back together, and they’re in Balfor for the reveal in book 3, for whatever reason. So, what happens in book 2? Okay, Evelyn is going to escape the Fiend-fire Citadel on Fiend-fire Strand and come across the remains of a dracodemon nest unlike any other. This is the part where I’ll start building the Ligdo Drakko Nekro because the nest will hold trace amounts of the little dead dragon’s magic and influence. The influence of the Ligdo Drakko Nekro can be felt through the dracodemon hordes, and one flight of the dracodemons have been tainted by the little dead dragon and are wholly under his command. This flight takes off, away from Balfor and heads to attack Justifal. Okay, all of this boils down to the Ligdo Drakko Nekro revealing his involvement in the game at large. 1 Evelyn is kidnapped. 2 The Cult of the Ligdo Drakko Nekro reveals its involvement in Balfor’s war. 3 Azog of Balfor reveals himself as Tristram LaFeya, the rightful king of Bertran. 4 Azog/Tristram returns to Justifal to reclaim his throne.



Alright, so Pacifica’s being a pain in the ass, and I can’t get the journal section open. Eh, most of what I would have written there would end up over here anyway. The only thing that wouldn’t make it is the ooey gooey feel good shit. Because, yes, there is actually plenty of that. If I keep meditating like this I might actually become a happier person. I’m trying to watch for changes, and I’ve seen some, sure, but not the ones I’m looking for. Still, some change is better than none. It doesn’t help that the changes I’m looking for wont start cropping up until after I’ve found a way to make money off of the good feelings. And, really, to do that I need to keep my shit together as it is, and just keep swimming I guess. Anyway, that’s enough of that here. It’s time to move on to actually thinking about my disasters again. I’ve got 1-4 done now. Now it’s time for 5, 6 & 7. Well, 2 more disasters and an ending.


Tristram plans to execute Richard, but Evelyn slips into the dungeons and lets Richard go. She knows he’ll go round up an army to try and retake his throne, but she can’t bring herself to let Tristram kill him. So, the disaster for book 5. King Richard returns with an army backing him, intending on dethroning Tristram and executing the returned king. In the midst of the fighting the Ligdo Drakko Nekro makes its presence known by beginning to resurrect the fallen soldiers. The book does end with King Richards death, and subsequent resurrection at the hands of the little dead dragon.


Book 6, with the matter of the kingship handled things settle down for Bertran. They continue to get used to their new old king, but the spirits of the dracodemons slain at the conclusion of Azog’s war aren’t resting. The Ligdo Drakko Nekro and his new field commander go and awaken the remains of Azog’s army.


Book 7, the Ligdo Drakko Nekro has awoken the largest army of dracodemons ever to walk on the surface of AllHaven, and he opens a portal straight to the plane of hell the dracodemons are spawned on. Justifal is attacked en masse by the dracodemon army and within hours most of the city is engulfed in demonic fire. Tristram gives his life to save Evelyn’s, proving finally that he is wholly on their side. Azariel and Evelyn then make the most dangerous decision of all. They’re going to have to lead a small strike team into the heart of Balfor to close the portal and put an end to the dracodemon threat once and for all.


Now, as a way of specifically spelling the disasters and ending out:


  1. Evelyn is captured during the final battle against the great blue dragon and is whisked away to Fiend-Fire Citadel by Azog of Balfor.
  2. The cult of the Ligdo Drakko Nekro reveals that it is involved in Balfor’s war in a big way.
  3. Azog reveals to Azariel and Evelyn that he is actually Tristram LaFeya, the lost king of Bertran.
  4. As though it were a miracle, King Tristram LaFeya and the knights he fought alongside are able to free themselves in the final battle of Balfor’s War, and with the apparent death of Azog of Balfor they return Tristram to his throne.
  5. The kingdom of Bertran explodes into a civil war, as Tristram LaFeya and Richard LaFeya battle against one another to see who truly has the right to the throne.
  6. The Ligdo Drakko Nekro is out in the fields as the men are dying. It is resurrecting them and building an army with which to blot out the sun, it plans on using Richard LaFeya as its host body.
  7. The portal to the abyss is open, and dracodemons are pouring out of it like water from a cleft rock. Desperate and out of options, Evelyn and Azariel lead a strike team back to Fiend-Fire Strand to find some way to end this conflict once and for all.

I probably need to come up with another name for Azog. I really really like Azog, but I just realized it’s right in the story with Azariel, and that might get very confusing for the readers. Azog’s real name is Tristram… so, why not Trizog. I’m cool with it. Save Azog for some other character later on. And, I almost ran into that same issue with Terbor, but I’m going to shorten Terbor to Borb. Why? Because Bob didn’t go by Robert.


Anyway, this segment is completed. Now I can write the last-ish blog post in step two. Although what I’ll do is put them together in the One paragraph storyline and worry about distilling them down to one sentence storylines when it comes to the multi-paragraph/page synopsis for the series as a whole.




Erzaren Eilhana stepped out from the shadows of a broom closet and faced the approaching man.

“Tell me,” Erzaren said. “What’s it like to die?”

He didn’t give the man time to answer. No, his silver dagger was already in hand, its blade cutting through the man’s neck like butter. The man began to gurgle a reply, but stopped when Erzaren drove the silver blade through his heart.

Instead of letting the man fall, Erzaren grabbed his lapels and gently lowered him. The white lace shirt was ruined with crimson stains, but there was time to save the justacorps, an elaborately embroidered thigh length jacket, and the waistcoat. Erzaren stripped the man of both, trying not to wrinkle them. He took his cloak off. He would need to hurry.

The dead man was Jezzrin Lanford, and though he died by Erzaren’s hand he wasn’t the assassins primary target. Jezzrin was an unwitting pawn in Emperor Kalmar Chavelled III’s game. A piece of evidence to cast doubt on the Eakranait Dynasty in a bid to start a war.

Erzaren was out of his comfort zone on this one. Under normal circumstances, Erzaren would avoid the business of lords as if it were the plague. His normal fair was merchants, slavers, crime cartels, and the occasional woman scorned. The money wasn’t as good as the business between lords, and when it came to the women scorned, payment rarely included money. Sticking to small time was an intelligent decision. If he were caught he might spend a little time in the dungeons, and the likelihood of the gallows was nil. Still, the rings for this job were far too good to pass up.

Erzaren used his cloak to wrap up Jezzrin’s body, then deposited the man inside the broom closet. The cloak was embroidered with the Eakranait Dynasty’s emblem. The cloak quickly took to soaking up as much blood as it could, like a cloth vampire. Erzaren looked down at the man and shook his head. The plot was very well thought out, planned by the emperor himself. He wanted to expand his territory and needed a reason to stick his nose in the business of other nations.

He closed the door, almost. As part of his specific instructions he’d been told to leave the door slightly ajar. The issue resolved, he bent down and grabbed the waistcoat and the justacorps. A long bench, with a blood red cushion, set against a wall opposite a large window. Erzaren laid the garments on the bench and saw to his other needs. He pulled a wizard’s bottomless bag out of one boot and unrolled it. He removed his sword belt and slipped it down into the bag. The bags dimensions didn’t change. Out of the bag he pulled three dusty black spheres, and two black makeup cases. He hung the spheres along his belt and set the makeup cases on the bench beside the coat and vest. With deft hands he tied the bag on the opposite hip. A little finagling later and he was able to get it, so the hilt of his sword poked out of the bag.

Another small movement and he adjusted the straps on his gauntlet, checking how hard it would be to reach the trio of throwing daggers tucked into it. He wiped his silver dagger clean on the bench’s cushion, then replaced it in his boot sheath.

Erzaren checked his reflection in the window, his features were angular with hard planes along his jaw and chin. His eyes were a feral ice blue with flecks of silver in them. The most defining trait was the long angry red scar that ran from nostril to ear on the left side of his face.

The double doors at the end of the hall cracked open, and through the corner of his eye Erzaren could see a servant girl stepping out into the hallway. Normally, this would bring a cry of alarm drawing the attention of all the guards in the castle to Erzaren’s location. Not this time though. No, this servant girl, dressed from head to toe in a black burqa, was a part of Erzaren’s backup plan.

He picked up the makeup cases, popped the foundation open, and began to spread it over the length of his scar. For good measure, he covered the rest of his face as well. Then he applied the powder, and now—minus the elven ears—he looked closely enough to Jezzrin that he should pass for the manservant long enough to reach the ambassador.

As the last part of his preparations he picked up the waistcoat and buttoned it on and pulled the justacorps to rest on his shoulders. There was a belt to buckle around it. It would be difficult to reach the tools of his trade, but… he had specific instructions. Looking back at his reflection he tried to cover his ears, but gave up quickly. Time was wasting. He ran his hands over his midsection and tugged at the justacorps, trying to make sure everything looked smooth and proper.

Air caught in his throat. What was he doing here? The thought had been poised on the edge of his mind since before he left home this morning.

One thousand platinum rings, that was the price on the ambassador’s head. It was more money than some kingdoms saw in an entire year. It meant one thing, and one thing only: he was walking into a trap.

Why then, was he standing in this hallway?

His feet started moving—he followed, allowing the need to take over.

There was one reason, and one reason only that saw him walking towards the double doors at the far end.

The emperor had given him specific instructions but not quite as specific as they should have been.

After all, what better piece of evidence would there be than the assassin caught and killed in the attack? After he’d killed the ambassador of course. The emperor wouldn’t want him left alive, couldn’t have him spilling the dirty little secret about who it was that hired him.

Still his legs moved. Propelling him forward. On towards almost certain death. The keyword being almost. Erzaren was the best, and the best never go anywhere without a backup plan.

He stopped moving as he came up beside the girl. Her silver eyes stared through the tiny slit in the face of the body covering garment. “Why are you going through with this?” L’erissa asked.

“How many?” Erzaren asked, ignoring her question.

“Six hundred all told,” L’erissa said. “The very cream of the elite crop. If they’re not related to the crown in some way, then they’re party crashers. There are at least a hundred servants, and thirty guards, armed to the teeth.”

“How many of us?”

“Ten,” L’erissa said. “Counting yourself.”


“Hardly,” L’erissa said in a condescending tone. “We’re not equipped to handle an operation like this.”

Erzaren couldn’t help but smile at the comment. His white teeth glinted in the light and he almost began to laugh. “That’s what makes this exciting.”

“Why?” L’erissa asked again. “You’re not dumb enough to walk in there for the rings alone. You’ve no love for king and country. What sort of rational explanation can you give for this?”

Erzaren’s smile faded. He stood up a little straighter, rolling his shoulders to get them in just the right position. He could feel it then. The calm before the storm that overcame him whenever he was about to do a job. “Go back inside. Wait for the signal.”

“You’re a damn fool, Erzaren Eilhana,” L’erissa said. “I don’t know why I give you the time of day.” She shook her head and swept back through the double doors. Erzaren let them swing closed, cutting him off from everything. He needed a minute. The feeling built, and built. Soon it would spill over.

He inhaled, filling his lungs to capacity.

For one breath he would have power over life and death. With a single motion he could change the fate of entire nations. Nay, his actions could change the entire course of history.

Erzaren reached out, touching the handle. He twisted it, slowly, feeling every tick of movement. The end was approaching. The beginning of something new. The door began to open. Music worked its way through the crack. The scent of roasted ham assaulted his nose.

There was one reason he was walking willingly into a trap.

One reason.

For one breath. One. Single. Breath. He would be a god.

Erzaren exhaled.



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Things I Really Hate

There are just a few subjects that really burn me up, and the first one is sleep.

Never interrupt someone when they’re sleeping. I don’t know how many times this has happened to me. I’ll get all nice and comfortable. It’ll be the perfect temperature. And sleep will reach out like a lover, caressing my cheek even as she makes my eyes heavy. Right there, I’m right there at the entrance to dreamland when I hear. “Ryan, wake up…you’re driving.” 😆😆😆

I can’t help that my carpool mates like the environment inside the car to align perfectly with the environment I need to fall asleep. 😆

But, on a serious note, I do have something I actually hate. If you watch the blog then you’ll have noticed that none of my regular posts went up today. You might shrug it off as not unusual because it’s Labor Day here in the States, but that’s not the real reason there was no posting going on. In my Daly Stats post yesterday I mentioned that I was way behind on my homework. Well, that finally caught up with me and the panic monster woke up. Now I’ve got this insatiable drive to get all of my homework caught up before I worry about anything else.

This is kind of a good thing. The panic monster is invaluable to those of us who identify as procrastinators, as it help us get our shit done when it gets right down to the line. Unfortunately it waits until it’s practically standing on that line, and doesn’t pay attention to anything anybody else wants to do.

What I hate most about all of it is the declarations and decisions I made prior to the panic monster waking up. I’m here like, “Hey, buddy. I’m supposed to be doing this shit for a newer, better me. Get in line.” And the panic monster simply steamrolls me.

So, what’s the moral of the story? My declarations and decisions still stand. I am going to follow through. I just need to get caught up on my homework first. (Which was one of my goals anyway.) My posts will likely be sporadic over the next couple of days. But I will get it done, and then we’ll get in with the business of making this the best blog ever.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove

(I’m also posting all of this from my phone while I’m at work, so I don’t have my little banner or mailing list link to add.)

The Poet: The Uncrustable

Where to look for inspiration,
No further than the freezer,
Inside is a great temptation,
Even for a geezer.

Uncrustables are the tastiest thing,
Almost as good as an ice cream sandwich,
Pardon me while I go sing,
In the land of sand and which.

Those are for kids,
Some people may say,
They’ll not get my bid,
Not even to stay.

Now to find a word to rhyme with uncrustable,
I’d say it’s positively combustible.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


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Daily Stats: 9/1/18

So, I’ve come up with an interesting idea. Yesterday I published a poem titled One Year From Today, and I have to say I’m absolutely honest about that resolution. I’ve come to the final breaking point in my life. Now, I’m going the other direction as quickly as I can. To work in my favor and maybe provide a little motivation, I’m going to keep track of all my basic activities. The ones that I feel will be most helpful in getting me to the point where I can find that new person and burn away all this mental mange. And, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m going to do all of this publicly. That’s right folks, I want you all to hold me publicly accountable for these actions. I also want you all to serve as my evidence.

Here’s what my list of stats is going to look like:

Stat List for 9/1/18

Walk: Distance 1.31 miles; Duration 00:29:34
Meditation: 5 sessions, 10+ minutes each
Poem A Day: Yes
Blog Post: Yes
Short Story Saturday post: No
The Goal That Shall Not Be Named: Yes
Homework: Way Behind

The stat list will vary pretty regularly, as there’s going to be variation in what’s being posted on the blog and such, and I’ll add in whether I’ve been doing any creative writing or not, such as adding a line that specifically says word count.

Just to make out a total list:

Poem A Day
Blog Post
Multiplicity post
Super Sonnet Sunday post
Short Story Saturday post
Stats post
The Goal That Shall Not Be Named
Word Count
Time Spent Writing Creatively
Blog Stats Weekly post
Blog Stats Monthly post

I decided another good thing to track would be the stats for my blog, and maybe throwing a shout out to those of you who want to follow my insanity.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove


Follow along with my peculiar brand of insanity: